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Sonoma County Old VIne Zinfandel
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We’ve been making wine in Sonoma County for over ten years now and along the way, established a dynamic network of friends and colleagues that include vineyard owners, growers and winemakers.  While we successfully navigated and maneuvered our way through the négoce market in the past, Valravn represents the next evolutionary step for us.  Because of those forged relationships and friendships, we have exclusive access to grapes from fantastic vineyards and the team to oversee hands-on production from vineyard to bottle.  We are proud of our past achievements and excited to realize the culmination of a decade of learning and focus, bringing authentic wines to the table that we have found, seen, and touched at every step.


In 2014, we launched Valravn Old-Vine Zinfandel from a friend’s property whose grapes were not going into their own production. Not just any Zin - these were the old, bush-pruned vines that we had always envied when driving by the vineyard, literally less than a mile from Healdsburg. We jumped at the chance to work with this amazing fruit, and Valravn was born.

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This year, Valravn spreads its wings as we continue to seek out similar opportunities, finding a parcel here and a row there in order to craft single-vineyard level Sonoma County wines, at prices that are far less than their counterparts. The Valravn wines are out of the gate approachable, delicious, and table ready.

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